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Review Amber Protel Amber Telcom

is about the history of Amber Telcom started by John Amber in May 1996 as a telecom supplier of premium rate telephone lines.

The name Amber Telcom was registered instead of Amber Telecom simply because Amber Telecom was already in use by a telecom company within the USA and John Amber wanted to stamp his own trade mark.

After 2 years of getting Amber Telcom on it’s feet, John Amber was being constantly reminded that the internet was the up and coming place to be seen and Amber Protel was born after several request from existing clients for adult theme websites.

Amber Protel

launched on 08-11-1998 with an interesting but quite basic website and within a couple of months was already formulating it’s Option 1 Option 2 and Option 3 website packages.

Amber Protel became the portal for Amber Telcom and achieved great success in those early days with clients joining us mainly from the USA as Europe still looked on at the intenet with great suspicion.

The ratio of people on internet looking at porn was 90% and Amber Telcom was caught in the rush to supply and connect the best quality available to an ever hungry audience with their amberprotel business website improving it’s looks and amount of content within their options.

Amber Telcom realized very quickly that it was far better to design and produce Adult Turnkey website solutions and have people join us as partners who would be involved with driving customers to the content rather than have Amber Protel Amber Telcom try to do everything.

Amber Protel Amber Telcom grew rapidly and launched it’s 2nd business website ambertel on 26-10-1999 to attract a wider audience as Europe was coming online and wanting a part of the action.

To give you an idea of how large and fast the internet has grown, in December 1998 when we were launching amberprotel there were only 147 million people connected, that was just 3.6% of the world poulation. August 2012 as I’m writing Review Amber Protel Amber Telcom there areĀ 2 billion 280 million connected being 32.7% of the worlds population and as you can see there is a long way to go yet.

If you imagine Amber Telcom were busy in 1998 then you want to see us today, as the internet grows so does amberprotel and more to the point so will our Web Store Partners.

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